Sunday, 16 October 2016

Autumn Essentials: Knitwear

 The weather has changed dramatically and currently I don't really know what to wear as it's cold in the mornings and gets warm in the afternoon. You basically go from freezing to sweating back to freezing by the time you leave work - typical autumn weather! But  no need to complain and take out your knitwear! Knitwear is probably the my favourite wardrobe essential as it's so versatile and matches with literally everything  and on top of that, you don't have to freeze your bum off, lol. I recently came back from a weekend in Berlin and I well remember that I left London in sandals on a Friday afternoon as it was quite warm, but when I got back on Sunday night, I was wishing for my UGG boots and a parker, lol. I don't even understand how weather changes this quickly here. First thing I did getting in my Uber home was ordering some knits - I think I was in shock at that moment. But this beautiful two-piece was one of the purchases and I'm sharing it with you guys because this is probably the best knit two-piece that I ever had. I must admit, it hurt my bank account a little as it's more expensive than you would'd expect knitwear to be but I'm telling you, it was all worth it! The quality of the material is way better and it feels very soft on my skin even without wearing tights. You can wear it with or without thighs as it keeps you quite warm. Obviously when it gets colder now, it's advisable to wear tights and some nice boots and a lined leather jacket with it or even just throwing a parker over. I paired it with a dusty pink bomber and matching trainers as in my opinion grey goes very well with pink. 
More autumn trends are coming up soon, stay tuned!
I will leave the outfit details for you guys below!

Have a great Sunday! 

Love, Drea

Knitwear-Set: J.O.A // Top & Skirt
Bomber: Asos 
Trainers: Reebok 


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