Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The floral Blazer I've been dreaming of...

Do you know the feeling when you go into the shop and you know you can't live without this piece of clothing? That's how I felt about this floral blazer... Not that life wouldn't go on, lol, but I've been wanting a jacket like that for a good while and I actually wanted it in combination with the matching trousers but in this case I just didn't like the trousers so I just went for the blazer. Question number one was: What do I wear it with? It couldn't have been easier in this case to be honest. All the black clothing I wear on a daily basis which make probably 70% of my wardrobe go perfectly with a colourful blazer. Black dresses, black skirts, black trousers, black shorts, anything you can think of really... I feel like I'm going to wear this blazer as much as I can and y'all are going to hate seeing it on my IG over and over again just like my ripped denim jacket🙈😂 Sorry not sorry! 

I wore this blazer to the We Love Brunch event at the Mondrian Hotel - Rumpus room, which is an amazing hotel and their interior design is on point! It was a day party so it was a bit difficult to decide between that typical dress or mix things up a little. On my way there I felt a little overdressed but as soon as I got there I fit in perfectly. I was actually going to wear the blazer buttoned up without anything underneath but I felt a little naked so I chose a lace Bralet I hadn't worn in years and it just completed the whole look. As I said, you can dress it up or down, there are not limits as the blazer is quite a flexible piece considering that it's very colourful. I'm obsessed with it and you'll see me wearing it loads more.

I hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend!💋

Love, Drea 

Outfit details:

Blazer: Zara
Bralet: H&M
Culotte pants: Prettylittlething
Sandal Heels: Asos
Sunnies: MiuMiu


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Social Detox || Weekend Getaway Eastbourne

I've had the most relaxing weekend in Eastbourne and I really enjoyed having a little bit of a social detox not going on Instagram all the time. I visited my friend and the weekend was all about relaxing, social detox, exercise and healthy eating. Luckily the weather was good, too! As Social Media Manager and Blogger I'm always on social platforms and there are days where I just feel drained and have enough of it. I left my phone either at home or in the bedroom as it's usable glued to my hand, which first gave a feeling that I forgot something but then it was good not to feel the pressure of having to look what's going on. A social detox will refresh your mind, give you new inspiration from outside the internet. Try it! 

Eastbourne is a beautiful city & seaside resort in East Sussex on the coast of South England. It was really good to get out of London away from a busy lifestyle and the noise. Big city life is amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything but sometimes it's just good to get out. 

We spent the weekend drinking loads of healthy juices, my friend introduced me to juicing and I was quite surprised how good some of the combinations of vegetables taste. Who would've thought that Beetroot, Carrot, Spinach, Celery, Ginger, Kale, Lemon and a couple other veggies taste good together?! I might have to get myself a juicer!  

When going to the beach, it always gives me a feeling of freedom and makes me think about life, I don't know if that's just me but yeah... I was fortunate to have my friend play on her ukulele for me and sing along. I hope you all watched my insta story, her voice is amazing! 
Eastbourne Pier is a must visit when you're there! You can have endless walks along the beach und enjoy the sea breeze. 

I think this was the first time I packed my gym clothes for a weekend getaway unless I go to a spa. We visited David Lloyd Health Club, which is an amazing gym and has everything you wish and more. I was quite impressed that they have a heated outdoor pool, too. The steam room was probably the best part for me. I just love how you feel in the steam room and it's so good for your muscles. 

This wasn't all of it though, we even went hiking! Yes, I went hiking! Lol. We walked all the way to the popular Beachy Head. People go there from all over the world and if you don't want to walk up, there's a bus, too. The view from there is magnificent and you can overlook the whole of Eastbourne and the sea. Pure nature! Just be careful by the cliffs and it's quite windy, so I advise wearing something warm, at least around this time of the year. 

I'll probably go back soon as it is only 1 1/2 hours by train from London and it's a really worth a trip to just get out of the city. 

Love, Drea

Outfit details:

Dress: Primark
Denim Jacket: Primark
Shoes: Vans

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