Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The floral Blazer I've been dreaming of...

Do you know the feeling when you go into the shop and you know you can't live without this piece of clothing? That's how I felt about this floral blazer... Not that life wouldn't go on, lol, but I've been wanting a jacket like that for a good while and I actually wanted it in combination with the matching trousers but in this case I just didn't like the trousers so I just went for the blazer. Question number one was: What do I wear it with? It couldn't have been easier in this case to be honest. All the black clothing I wear on a daily basis which make probably 70% of my wardrobe go perfectly with a colourful blazer. Black dresses, black skirts, black trousers, black shorts, anything you can think of really... I feel like I'm going to wear this blazer as much as I can and y'all are going to hate seeing it on my IG over and over again just like my ripped denim jacket🙈😂 Sorry not sorry! 

I wore this blazer to the We Love Brunch event at the Mondrian Hotel - Rumpus room, which is an amazing hotel and their interior design is on point! It was a day party so it was a bit difficult to decide between that typical dress or mix things up a little. On my way there I felt a little overdressed but as soon as I got there I fit in perfectly. I was actually going to wear the blazer buttoned up without anything underneath but I felt a little naked so I chose a lace Bralet I hadn't worn in years and it just completed the whole look. As I said, you can dress it up or down, there are not limits as the blazer is quite a flexible piece considering that it's very colourful. I'm obsessed with it and you'll see me wearing it loads more.

I hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend!💋

Love, Drea 

Outfit details:

Blazer: Zara
Bralet: H&M
Culotte pants: Prettylittlething
Sandal Heels: Asos
Sunnies: MiuMiu



  1. Yes the floral suit looks stunning on you!!! And it's perfect match with the black outfit I love it 😍

  2. Girl this look! I love how you just slay in every outfit my babe!!! The blazer is absolutely amazing!!





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