Sunday, 21 August 2016

DIY Denim Choker

Cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it.. Your price is way to high you need to cut it! I've officially jumped on the choker hype - sorry not sorry! Chokers just look cute and they go with basically every outfit. There were a lot of critics about Kim K and her denim choker recently saying that - how people said - it looked like she just cut an old pair of jeans and call it choker. Why not though? I'm not a big fan of hers but people just need to stop hating for no reason, lol. I think it's a great idea and that's why I tried it myself. We don't always have to spend loads of money to buy new stuff, just recycle your old pair of jeans that you don't wear anymore and use it for something creative like this. To be honest, I rarely have these creative phases where I wanna make something myself but this is just easy to make for a not really handy person like me. 
When I had the idea last night, I was actually clearing out my wardrobe to give some stuff to charity and I found these old pair of jeans from 4 years ago that I don't wear anymore... or rather don't fit in anymore, oopsi...! Anyways, while I was cutting my jeans, I was so determined to make it look pretty just like a little kid drawing a painting for mommy, lol. I was even a little proud when I finished and then I thought, let me dig in my untidy draws and find some old accessories to pimp this choker... and my search was successful! See the results below! 
Oh, I added the material and instructions you need below as well! Have fun!

Love, Drea


Old pair of jeans
Tape measure


- Measure & Draw -
Have a tape measure or anything that'll help drawing a straight line where you want to cut

- Cut it -
Cut a a string off your pair of jeans.
Make sure it is the size you want it to be and try to cut as straight as possible.
Don't cut it too close from the ankle part as it might be too tight for your neck.

- Fringe it out -
I just used my hands but you can also use a brush for it.

- Divide it -
Cut it in the back to be able to adjust it perfectly to your neck.

- Add accessories - 
Add a silk ribbon, an old ring or any little pendant you can find.




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