Thursday, 25 August 2016

Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life!

In the past six months I've realised more than ever how important positivity in life is. Simply getting up in the morning on a good note with positive thoughts can make your whole day a lot better. It's in people's nature to complain a lot, especially in european countries because we're spoilt, but it doesn't get us anywhere. I'm trying to stay away from any trouble, arguments or negativity to keep my mind on track. I keep telling myself that I don't need negativity in my life and it's almost religious for me now. I rarely get into arguments, fights or anything else that's not based on a positive note. Accept what you can't change and move on with life the best way possible. Not everything is always going well but to keep the head up and thinking positive will turn around the situation. They can change to something better when you approach them in a good mindset, no matter how bad they are. People mistake the roots of happiness sometimes and rely on other people. You can't sit there and wait for friends, family or the partner to make you happy if you're not happy with yourself in the first place. They're an addition to your life, to your own happiness, they're not your happiness. 

Life is about making the best out of it, try to be the version of yourself and learn from your own and other people's mistakes. But most importantly, keep praying. Prayers will become reality if you just have faith.
On that note, have a great weekend everyone!  

Love, Drea

Outfit details
Bardot Denim Shirt: River Island
Midi Skirt: Prettylittlething
Sandals: Asos
Velvet Choker: Asos


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