Sunday, 25 October 2015

5 Ways to Spend your Sunday

I personally think Sunday mornings are SO important! This is the first time in the whole week where you can sleep in and don't have to set an alarm because of work or uni all week, you can just wake up and chill in bed as long as you want to. I know there is Saturday as well, but I feel like on a Saturday you still wanna get up and make use of the day since you don't have to go to work. So my Saturday's are for errands, grocery shopping, gym, cleaning & laundry.. and all the stuff you don't have time for during the week. 
Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I start with a nice bowl of greek yogurt, chia seeds, some coconut flakes and fruit with a little agave juice on top & a cup of tea. Everyone keeps on asking me about Chia seeds and what benefits they have. Let me explain: Chia is a species of flowering plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae, native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala and has several health benefits such as their massive amount of nutrients with very few calories. They give you a powerful nutritional punch and are one of the superfoods today, so one tablespoon is enough if you mix it with greek yogurt, if not, 2-4 tablespoons are fine and I mix them with soya milk. It depends on your diet how much you eat.
 At the moment I'm still trying out Bootea and it has been great so far! It keeps me energised during the day and the night tea helps me to sleep early. You guys know how it is, you wanna sleep early but then you wanna finish the episode you're watching or just can't get off your phone or you just don't wanna sleep because you know Monday is waiting for you, lol. 

So here are 5 ways to spend your Sunday, relaxed and productive:


Having a fresh start with a little relaxation and freeing your mind by doing some stretches and yoga. Yoga will have a good impact on how you start your day. Your soul will be free and you only concentrate on yourself and your body.


Sunday is a no make-up day for me and I'm sure you all use this day to get ready for a new week. That means hair up and face mask on! I've been using the Blue Corn Mask, the Tea Tree Mask and the Honey & Oat mask for the second time and I still love them. These 3 cover all types of problems you might have or that might occur during the year considering different seasons and weather change. The Blue Corn Mask is good for any impurities, we all know what happens after a night out drinking alcohol or after a cheat day, lol. It removes all impurities, dead skin and excess oil and it is a great cleanser. The Tea Tree Mask is a cooling mask and makes your skin soft and tight. It helps remove impurities and absorbs excess oil. The Honey & Oat mask is for me personally a must for cold days since my skin tends to dry out quickly. It moisturises and conditions the skin. Bodyshop did a good job on those 3!
Besides the masks I recently started trying our the REN Eye-creme and . I was really surprised. I have been looking for a good eye-creme for so long and the two in combination do a really good job on my skin. It looks moisturised, fresh and clear and feels really soft.I can only recommend them. 


Don't let a day pass without being a little productive. Do what you love and take time for what you're passionate about. I usually spend my Sunday writing blogposts and being a little creative. I write down to do lists and do some brainstorming for the blog. The Mate Fit Tea helps me concentrate and boosts energy.


Lala Anthony's first book convinced me so much that I just had to get the second one. I like how honest she writes about her life and gives great advice for relationships and career! The Social Media MBA is more work related for me since I'm a Communications Manager, which involves Social Media Marketing and PR, it is a good guide for me. So ditch the dull reads on the weekend and lose yourself in a gripping book. I've read that reading has a lot of health benefits such as improving brain function and reducing stress levels, which is a perfect preparation for the new week.


The term Netflix & Chill was a little abused in my opinion, lol. When I say Netflix & Chill, what I really mean is watching Netflix and chill on my bed. Nothing more or less, lol. I've been recently watching documentaries about fashion and I can only recommend "Dior and I" and Vogues masterpiece "The September Issue". But I know everyone has their fav series these days, I don't even remember how it used to be without all them when I was younger and wasn't interested in none of that. Time flies! My favourite series are The Good Wife, House of DVF, Being Mary Jane and Scandal... Oh and don't let me forget the oh-so-hyped Empire! Besides that, I also watch Love and Hip Hop for some drama, lol, Rosewood and Grey's Anatomy.
Of course my favourite snack can't be left out when watching movies/series - Proper Corn Sweet Coconut & Vanilla is DELICIOUS! Can't get enough of it! Also I'm struggling to drink enough water, so I always try have a full bottle by my side. And for some more detox I got a Naked green smoothie. Most people don't like green smoothies too much but I can promise, this one makes you feel healthy & energised and tastes really nice!

Let me know what you do on a Sunday. Looking forward to your comments!

Love, Drea

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