Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Layers on layers on layers!

My favourite thing to do in winter is layering! That favourite dress of yours that you think you can't wear in winter is now ready to be taken out the wardrobe again girl. Thanks to layering everything is possible! Autumn is a difficult season as you never really know what to wear. Just yesterday I was on the tube wearing my new padded jacket for colder days and it was wayyy too hot. The next day I thought I'm not doing the same mistake twice, so I threw on my good old leather jacket, which is not too warm but still good for this kind of weather. As soon as I left the house I felt cold, lol, typical. It's like leaving your umbrella at home because it hasn't rained for days, and then it suddenly starts raining. Anyways, that's where layering is very helpful - put on one more layer just in case it gets cold and if you're too warm, just take it off. 

Here are 3 quick tips for you on how to layer:

1. Style
Choose your favourite style to layer first. It's not it's not only about knits, you can layer a chic blouse with a cardigan, a dress with a sweater or simply a fur gilet that can be thrown over your leather jacket to keep you warm.

2. Texture
What I like the most about layering is the texture of the fabric. There are so many different ones and it keeps the outfit interesting. Make sure that the clothes you want to layer are not heavy knits, it'll make it difficult to layer and still look stylish. Knit layers should be light and easy to throw on.

3. Material
Knitwear is an essential in winter and therefore you shouldn't be stingy about it. Cheap materials can be itchy on your skin, look worn out after the first couple washings and just don't keep you as warm as expected. Invest in knits! 

Love, Drea

Outfit details:

Dress: Asos
Cardigan: New Look
Sandal Heels: Asos


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