Sunday, 20 November 2016

Weekend Getaway: Marbella

This weekend break was much needed, and this special reunion even more! My friend and I went to visit a friend who recently moved to Marbella... It was very exciting to see these two again after quite a while and the location made the reunion perfect! Marbella is BEAUTIFUL!😍 All the flower decorated and colourful houses, the little alley ways, the beach and the mountains in the same place and not to forget the weather! When I feel sun on my skin, that's really all I need. At some point in my life I'll move to a country where winter is a minimum of 10 degrees, lol. I won't accept anything colder than that, haha. It was just a short weekend trip but it was well worth it. If you're looking for a short time-out, go for it! Honestly, you can get some really cheap offers on flights if you keep your eyes open or book early enough. Btw, traveling there from London, I felt like everything was so cheap!😳 The food, drinks and even the shops. We hired a little Fiat500 to be more flexible to drive down to Malaga as well for some sightseeing, shopping and try some traditional dishes.🚗🍜🍷👛 We've had a nice paella, tapas and some amazing wine, what else can you wish for? Holidays are really about relaxing and just not thinking about home and work and even if it's only for some days, you'll feel refreshed to start your new week. I encourage everyone who likes to travel to do it as long as you can, no one can take away these experiences from you and traveling makes you overcome fears and grow as a person.😌🙏 
To give you guys a little impression of Marbella, I picked some nice pictures, and maybe they inspire you to take your next trip there.🌺 

Love, Drea


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