Monday, 4 September 2017

My Posts Disappeared | How To Grow Your Following On Instagram

Hey guys!

I don't know what's going on with Instagram at the moment but I heard that I was not the only one yesterday, who almost had a heart attack when 200 of my photos just disappeard. Can you imagine?! All the hard work you put in and all the amazing memories of my holidays were just erased from my feed and I was so upset. I tried to contact Instagram but as they don't have a customer service I wasn't very hopeful that they'll fix the issue. I heard that even people's accounts were deleted😱 Imagine!!! After this shock, I woke up this morning and all my pictures were recovered!😌 Listen, this almost gave me a heart attack😂 but then I realised that at the end of the day it is Instagram and if it goes down one day, life still goes on. If something like this happened to your account and you have a solution, please comment below and help a sister out. Lol

Anyways, I've been asked so many questions about blogging, tips & tricks and how I grow my following so I thought I'm gonna put everything in a blog post for everyone to read and hopefully take something away from it. 

Engagement is key!

I can't stress enough how important engagement is. We have this saying Germany, which basically says that if you don't put in work, you don't get anything out of it - this could not be any more accurate. If you don't communicate with your audience, why would they bother following you or trying to engage with you?! I know it can be a pain because really if blogging is not your full-time job then you need to find hours in a day to actually do this and it takes way more time than people imagine. My dear followers, if I don't reply to all your comments, I'm deeply sorry and I'll try to catch up! Bare with me! 

Follow back

Don't be that girl who has 30k followers and only follows 100 people only because you think you're too cool to follow people back. Just don't, lol✋🏽 I understand if you don't want to follow as many people as you have followers but why not follow your main supporters back?! They love you content and they're the ones who hype your pics - Give them a follow girl/boy! 

Follow Friday/ Instagram Story

Shout the people out you like to follow or visit their profile on Instagram stories. If it's a big influencer or just a any person, they might return the favour, which will get you exposure to their followers and if they like you they might give you a follow.

Support each other

In the influencer world it is so important to support each other as there's so much competition out here and people might pretend they want to help you but they actually don't and they only help people in their circle. It's sad but be sure that you and your influencer friends support each other in comments, likes, photo credit or shout outs. 


It's good to switch up hashtags on a regular basis to what's trending and is most popular to get your account noticed by as many people as possible. Be careful, if you use the same hashtags over and over again and just copy paste them you can get shadow banned, which means that your post is banned from those hashtags and the won't appear when someone looks for it. 

Instagram is trying all kinds of stuff to make us pay for ads by changing their algorithm or getting us shadow banned. Don't give up though - You got this!💪🏽

Love, Drea

Outfit details:

Dress: H&M (Sold out)

Photos by the lovely Zoe Griffin



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