Saturday, 14 October 2017

The Last Days Of Summer

Summer is coming to an end and I'm crying with one eye, or even two. I'm a sun child and colder days make me a little bit sad from time to time but I'll embrace it as much as possible and enjoy the new season, especially in terms of fashion. I said I won't buy any autumn clothes until I come back from my holiday but I've already seen so many amazing new trends, it'll be hard to resist. 

If you haven't visited Kew Gardens yet then you definitely missed out! It's a great place to unwind, relax, go for a stroll and explore the attractions and beautiful gardens there. You can literally spend the whole day there with your family or friends. It's even nice to go there on a date! 

I used this beautiful space to shoot this amazing maxi dress from Missguided! You guys know I will probably die in a dress but they're just for me and super comfortable. If you're ever looking for a dress, I'm your girl! 

I hope you like the pictures! 

Love, Drea

This post is in collaboration with Missguided.
Photos by Zoe Griffin Photography


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