Friday, 25 August 2017

My Life in London | Ice-Watch

If London isn't the most amazing city then I don't know... It was never my dream to move here,  I always wanted to move to Paris, but that's where fate took me, I guess. I don't regret moving to London one but though. London is an amazing city full of opportunities for everyone and what I like most here is the cultural diversity, which is quite limited in Germany where I grew up. London has been a real experience for me coming straight from Uni moving into the concrete jungle. I changed jobs a few times, I learnt about what I really want to do in life and especially on how to be a grown up in a big foreign city without my family. I believe these are experiences you have to make in life to grow as a person, achieve your goals and always be grateful for everything life throws at you, if it's something good, that's great, if it's something less good, it's a lesson. 

Loads of people have been asking me what I do for a living besides being an Influencer/ Blogger as I don't really show it much on my IG - I'm a Social Media Manager. It is a great feeling to do what you're passionate about and I don't want to be one of those people who hate their jobs. If you're in your last year of Uni and you suddenly don't know what you actually want to do in life, don't worry! You'll find out when it's time. I applied for a job in London and they offered me a Social Media Marketing position yet I applied for a Buyer position - don't really know how that happened tbh, lol, but that's how I found out what I would really like to do in life! Take it onesie at a time. 

London is also the city of fashion and I teamed up with Ice-Watch to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Their most recent collection of watches are stylish and elegant at the same time and will go perfectly with every outfit. I know you all are not surprised that I chose a rose gold one, haha! I'm super happy with the watch and quality and it really goes with every outfit. They have a range of different colours and styles, here's the link to their website to check them out. 

I hope you guys liked this post and have an amazing bank holiday weekend!

Love, Drea

This post is in collaboration with Ice-Watch.

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  1. I just love love love your energy girl!!! Take it onesie step at a time!! So true! I always just roll with it but i always trust in the universe that everything will turn out amazing and great! hahaha such a positive vibe i know. but its so true!! look at you!! you could have been a buyer but now you're doing something you absolutely love!!!! Go girl!!




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