Tuesday, 21 November 2017


This autumn I'm really embracing colour... I'm loving all types of yellow tones, reds and I even dare to wear royal blue, which is very surprising for me. I just felt like bringing out all the happy colours and why not brighten up a dull day with a bit of colour?! Especially here in London it's much needed! 
I'm also quite a fan of the checkered trend when I discovered this fishtail skirt, it's just so timeless and fits with everything. You can even dress it down and wear with Vans and a t-shirt and you'll still look bomb! Colour blocking can be tricky as there are so many different colours and styles out here but I summed up the 3 most important tips for you:

1. Number of colours

Only use up to 3 colours as it'll be way too much going on if you'd go for more and one wouldn't be able to focus on the actual outfit.

2. No coloured patterns/ prints

If you choose patterns or prints, be sure to use one coloured or very subtle colours. 

3. Colour scheme

Try to choose colours the compliment each other just like yellow and blue plus grey as a neutral colour, or for example red, black & white. 

I hope this helped and now go and get those colours out!


Coat: H&M (in store Westfield Stratford)
Jumper: H&M
Skirt: M&S
Heels: Forever Fever


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