Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Detox time!

Happy new year everyone!

I know I'm starting a little late and we're already half way through January but as you all know I was on holidays having the best time ever! Now I'm back in London trying to get back to my old life and the best way to start the year is a detox. I'm sure a lot of you guys must feel bloated and maybe indulged a little too much over the festive season.. Now we're all in the same boat with the consequences wanting to burn all those extra pounds, lol. Jumping on the bandwagon of starting the gym again properly, I was thinking I can support my motivation with a little detox. 
Let me tell you a little about the ingredients and my experience so far... 

Slendertoxtea is made of 100% organic ingredients, which promises to increase energy, metabolism, help to 'beat the bloat' and aid weight loss. 

DAYTOX Ingredients:
Hawthorn Grain, Red Bean, Sterling Bean, Radish Leaf, Camellia Seed, Camellia Flower, Green Tea, Fennel Seeds.

SLEEPTOX Ingredients:
Valerian Root, Large Hawthorn, Red Bean, Sterling Bean, Green Tea, Radish Leaf, Camellia Seed, Fennel Seeds, Camellia Flower.

This is a 14 day detox and I've been on Slendertoxtea for 4 days now and I already feel a difference. It takes away the feeling of being bloated and gives you a lot of energy, I haven't lost much weight though, yet. I have not followed their meal plan though, I have my own meal plan, which is in my opinion strict enough, so it might be a different story if you follow their meal plan. They advise to brew it in cold or warm water, not too hot, and since I don't drink my tea too hot, it was perfect for me and I let it brew for 2 minutes, since it is quite strong. I read some reviews and some people were complaining about cramps and that they have to go to the toilet for often. I personally don't feel any cramps but going to the toilet more often is something I can relate to. But I guess that's normal when you do a detox, it has been like that with all the detox teas I've tried so far, and also it might be annoying but healthy to go to the toilet more often because you get rid of bacteria. 

My idea of dieting is not to completely change my habits of (already) healthy eating because of a product I want to try, I just adapt it to my lifestyle. Don't just completely restrict yourself not to eat chocolate or whatever you feel like too much because that's how you trigger cravings. So I have my cheat day once a week where I can have a cheat meal of whatever I feel like. (Just don't take the chance and exaggerate, LOL) 

I hope this helped and motivated you to jump on that bandwagon if you haven't done so yet. 

Love, Drea


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