Thursday, 31 December 2015

Chapter 365 of 365!

I've been on holidays but I haven't forgotten about you guys! Today I'm posting my last #OOTD for this year and it brings up a melancholic mood. This year so many things happened in my life and all in all 2015 was a very good year.. I got my first job after graduating last year from my masters, I even got a promotion after some months of proving myself. For the job I had to move to a new city, London is THE city for fashion lovers like me, so it wasn't really a hard decision, but moving there alone without knowing anyone, or just a couple of people, was a big step and I have made so many good friends during this year that I wouldn't wanna miss this city anymore. 
Besides that I have finally launched my blog. It has been on my mind for so long but I never really had the confidence to launch it until I got to the point where i just thought "You know what, I just do what I wanna do and if someone doesn't like it, I don't care!" You gotta do in life what you wanna do in order to be happy and if you just stick to what society dictates, it won't get you anywhere. This year I have grown more as a woman and managed to focus only on myself and my goals, I have developed a certain attitude and confidence, which I'm really proud of. These are just some of the big but important events and it has been an amazing year full of change and love. 
I'm not gonna go into then new year with all the new year's resolutions that I won't be able to stick to, I just want to be a better woman than last year, always striving for something better and concentrating on myself and on my future.

Let me come the outfit now before getting all emotional, lol. As you guys can see this is not my usual location in London, I'm in Zimbabwe at the moment having the best time. It was about time to get away from busy London for a bit. Today I am wearing an all black outfit! Remember: Black is always a good idea! My peplum leather jacket from the new Zara collection fits my shape perfectly and underlines my curves. A leather jacket is a must in every closet, it is flexible and to wear with nearly everything. If you still didn't manage to get one: It's about time girl! I combined it with a strappy bralet that matches with my new skirt handmade by my dear friend Tinashe. (Go check her out her blog and designs at HerMajeStyle HERE) About the heels... I don't have to tell you more about my Zara heels obsession, do I? LOL!

I wish everyone a happy new year and many more blessings for 2016!

Love, Drea

Outfit details:
Leather jacket: Zara
Barlet: Forever21
Skirt: HermMajeStyle (here)
Heels: Zara
Sunnies: Celine
Bag: Moschino


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