Sunday, 13 December 2015

Holiday Packing Essentials!

Packing Guide: 
Next stops --> UAE & Zimbabwe

It's holiday season and some of you guys will be travelling to see their families or just go on holidays, so there's for sure a suitcase that needs to be packed! In my case, I will be going to Dubai and Harare over Christmas and New Years, so I'm finally escaping the cold and rainy London weather, yay! 
When I pack, I always pack a variety of clothes, different styles and essentials that can be combined, because you never know where you will end up and which occasions might occur. But here are just the essentials that HAVE TO BE in your suitcase, no matter which country you are going to and no matter what the weather is like:

1. Pick the right bag! In my case is the backpack a good idea since I'll be moving around a lot.

2. Pick two different types of shoes: Comfortable & Chic, so that you're prepared for every occasion.

3. Take your favourite skincare! Coconut oil is very flexible and can be used for almost everything. I use it for my body and on my face as it moisturises very well, as lip balm and also for my hair.

4. Headphones and your favourite playlist! Music makes the world look much brighter!

5. A sleeping mask for long journeys!

6. Sunnies are a must! 

7. A good book! I always feel like reading when travelling and I like having an actual book in my hand instead of reading on my iPad.

Love, Drea

Backpack: Michael Kors (Buy here)
High Heels: Head Over Heels by Dune (Buy here)
Sneakers: Nike Roshe One DMB (Buy here)
Coconut oil: Tesco (Buy here)
Headphones: Beats by Dre (Buy here)
Aroma Lavender Sleeping Mask (Buy here)
Sunglasses: Celiné (Buy here)
Quay Australia (Buy here)
Book: Half of a Yellow Sun (Buy here)

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