Wednesday, 6 April 2016


We can't even deny it anymore, pleats are back and I'm loving it! They've been out of style for a while now but they're having a major comeback,and not only in skirts and tops - mini skirts, culottes, wide leg trousers, tops, light jackets and midi & maxi skirts... which are my absolute favourite! This is a trend I personally adore, since I love a ladylike style. Wearing pleats is making a particular statement: Classy, ladylike, chic & bold! You can never go wrong with pleats, tbh. They're easy to dress up and suited for every occasion, and in case you feel like a casual outfit but still wanna look cute, just pair them with a sweater and sneakers, and you'll still be rocking the streets. 
There's always a downside to everything though. Wearing pleats can possibly make you look bigger than you actually are, if you don't wear the right type of pleats in combination with a figure flattering style. We all should love the way we are, without a doubt, so just try and make your figure stand out by highlighting your shape. I, for example, have a small waist, a typical Latina figure. So what I do is wearing clothes that highlight the size of my waist by wearing high waist skirts and pants with a form-fitting top to emphasize it. That's why I chose the so called knife pleats for my skater skirts. Apart from that little tip, just make sure that the pleats are flowing and that the clothes are not too tight to make it a flawless look.

The outfit I'm wearing is my absolute favourite atm! When I saw the pleated skirt online, I immediately pictured myself in this full outfit! I paired the high waist pleated skater skirt with a racerback crop top to underline my waist and threw a camouflage jacket on to match the tones and make it look interesting. Towering heels are always good to make you look taller than you actually are. If you don't like wearing heels, just put on a pair of flats. Nothing wrong with wearing flats, I love them, especially sneakers. I chose a block heel because I wanted to make this look more casual than chic with a stiletto and since I'm into shiny materials these days, I thought this is the perfect match to highlight the outfit! The suede fringe bag just made the whole look complete, so that 3 current trends are applied in one outfit - Fringe, Camo & Pleats. 
This is probably not an everyday outfit, well, I wouldn't wear it to work with a crop top and those heels, but it's suitable for dinner, or drinks or just any occasion you wanna look casual but stylish. 

I hope this helps lovelies! I'm putting together a little series of outfits with pleated clothing items for you, so stay tuned for the next one!
Scroll down to have a closer look at my outfit! If you want a little more inspiration, I have pinned some for you over on my Pinterest.

Love, Drea


Outfit details:
Racerback Top - Topshop (shop here)
Pleated Skirt - Topshop (shop here)
Camo Jacket - Topshop (similar here)
Block Heel Sandals - Topshop (shop here)
Suede Fringe Bag - Zara (similar here)
Watch - Michael Kors (similar here)
Lipstick - NYX Lip Lingerie Beauty Mark (shop here)



  1. Omgosh, I am SO loving this whole look you've put together. I'm a huge fan of this Khaki/Olive colour trend. You pull off this look so well, you look absolutely gorgeous! I'm on the hunt for a skirt like this now haha!

    P xo

    1. Awww thank you so much doll! I appreciate it! <3
      Me too, I'm so into this colour! This one is from Topshop but I'm sure you'll find another one somewhere, probably even cheaper as this one was quite pricey. But I just HAD TO buy it, lol.


  2. Hey!!
    My Liebster Award post is up and I nominated you as one of my favourite "new" blogs slash I kind of just cheated and nominated heaps of my recent favourite blogs!
    Anyways I'd love if you checked it out and keep doing you, I love your blog!


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