Friday, 25 March 2016

Bloggers Hangout #BLFW

I've had a great time at the Bloggers Hangout Bloggers London Fashion Week event. I went with my blogger girls Sade, Rachel & Chido. Big shout out to these lovely ladies! Go check out their blogs.
The Bloggers Hangout is probably the best event to get started as a blogger and to make your first connections. This event was hosted by great brands such as Weleda, Sensational, LAB2, Curl, Ufit, Amie etc. and of course we've been gifted, YAY! My favourite items from the gifting lounge are the LAB2 pro on a powder trip brush and the sponge applicator pro call me Mr. Perfect. When I unpacked these items I immediately noticed how soft they both were. The powder brush is made with FiberLuxe Technology designs with the softest and highest quality filaments. I love powder brushes and after using it the first days it even qualified to take it on my trip to Germany. I was really impressed by how it buffs powder evenly across the face and achieves a flawless finish. I'm always a little sceptical with powder brushes because some just take on too much powder and cover your face in a thick layer. I can recommend this on and it'll probably now be my every day powder brush. 
You can get this brush at Superdrug, currently on sale for £8.99. (HERE)

I've always wanted a sponge applicator in that shape to get into the little corners by my eyes and it's just very handy to use. Blending with sponges works best for me rather than with brushes because I feel like the "dabbing" is more accurate. But I guess everyone's different and everyone prefers something else. I just can't get enough of them! Unfortunately I couldn't find where to purchase it, not even on their website, so you might just have to contact them. Check out their website here!
I hope you guys liked my quick review and until next time!

Love, Drea


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