Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Style Bible - Vogue 100 Exhibition

Oh Lord, forgive the quality of my pictures but we were not allowed to take any on the exhibition, so I had to secretly pull out my phone and play detective and sneak around to let you guys be part of it. And believe me, this woman (one of the guards) was watching me and kinda following me around! LOL! I added them below for you guys though. 
Anywayyyssss.... If you haven't followed my snapchat (brasilnality) story then you have now the chance of a little catch up. I haven't even realised that Vogue is celebrating its 100th birthday - Time is flying I would say! This exhibition to celebrate 100 years of Vogue was beyond amazing - I can't even say it any other way! The style bible has captured 100 years of our history in style and this exhibition is more than just pictures of pretty models, it tells the whole story. I got to see the very first Vogue magazine and was able to follow up on a whole century of style. From 1916 to today amazing shots have been taken by excellent photographers such as Mario Testino, Nick Knight, Irving Penn and Baron Adolph de Meyer - I'm sure you've heard of one or the other. 
Kate Moss is one the icons of the British Vogue right by the side of Linda Evangelista. More than 280 pictures are displayed at the National Portait Gallery, which include images from stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, David Beckham to Marlene Dietrich. My favourite shot of Kate Moss was taken by Testino at the Master's Shipwright's House in Deptford in 2008. The outfit, the model, the venue, everything is just perfect!
Alexandra Shulman, editor-in-chief of the British Vogue, has given us an insight of the Conde Nast archive and I am personally grateful for this exhibition because it has been a great experience to see the growth and change of style.
The exhibition is still on until the 22nd of May and you can get tickets here. It worth it!!!

Love, Drea


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