Friday, 6 January 2017

2017: Starting off the year right!

Happy New Year everyone! This is the first day of 2017 and my personal first day of 100% positivity going forward! I think it's not only me feeling this way but to me a new years always means tons of motivation, plans and ambition! Positivity just plays much more of a role now than ever - for the upcoming year one of my resolutions is to stay positive, no matter the situation, and surround myself only with like-minded people. We just underestimate how much impact a positive sentence or gesture on someone and it determines peoples attitude. Simple goals like this can turn your life upside down and if you make positivity to your religion, you'll see the results very soon. 
I stayed at the Hilton Hotel Syon Park for NYE and had great conversations with my friend about what we've learnt in 2016 and what we're going to change or do in 2016 and I just thought that I'd share some of them. BTW, the hotel is AMAZING! Everything you wish for, you'll find there and coming home today felt like I've been on holidays yet it's just in London. I had a relaxing and peaceful time.

6 tips on how to start the new year off in full motivation:

1. Set weekly goals
I got myself a weekly calendar from Stradivarius. It has a little section for priorities for the week, notes, dates and you can even rate your week with emojis. I recommend to get one as it has been helping me to stick to my weekly goals and it's just satisfying to be able to tick the to-do list off.

2. Work out
Working out is number one on my list, actually. I have been slacking for the longest time and it's just time to take care of myself and kick off the year feeling good myself. 

3. Eat well
I used to be so good at cooking and then I kinda got used to the whole London lifestyle where people just buy their lunch every day and this needs to stop now! I'm going back to cooking my lunch and I ordered my first Hello Fresh box, which will arrive tomorrow. I just felt like it's time for a change. 
How exciting! 

4. Surround yourself with the right people
I met some fabulous people ever since I moved to London. People who are positive, like-minded, ambitious and just on the same vibe as I am and it's always good to have people to discuss goals, strategies and everything else with. 

5. Pamper yourself
During my stay at the Hilton, I realised that when you work hard, there's nothing wrong with doing you from time to time and if that means a spa weekend with your friend, then totally go for it! Do anything that makes you happy! 

6. Refresh your wardrobe
In my opinion, a new years always calls for a wardrobe refresh. Time to look into your closet and just clean out what you're not gonna wear anymore in the new year. I usually give my clothes to charity as I don't just wanna throw them. It's good to get some new items in especially from the current sales but shop responsibly and don't waste your money on stuff that you'll only wear once or you're not 100% sure about. I tried the new Capsule Wardrobe Generator by Farfetch to help choosing the right outfits, and I love it! It personalises your style by answering a few questions and the perfect items were picked. All the trends that I'm obsessed with right now. Try it yourself below!  

I hope this helps you to gather all your energy and kick-start 2017! 
Happy New Year!

Love, Drea


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