Sunday, 21 February 2016

. F O C U S .

I always like to spend a Sunday in bed with a nice healthy breakfast and a good book trying to figure out my next moves, thinking about my life and goals and how to reach them. This is important and everyone should be able to take time to revaluate their situation and think about where they wanna go and be in the future. 

Story time: When I moved to the UK at the age of 24, almost 25, I still didn't know what I want in life. Moving to another country felt like a new start, I felt young, free and and ready to experience. No one forces you to exactly know what you want at a certain age, it's only society who's trying to dictate those things. It is difficult in this world full of passion and opportunities to decide on what you wish to do for the rest of your life in your 20s, some might know from when they were little, but others just wanted to see first what's out there and what they really like doing. And there are also your parents who try to influence you on your decisions, they want you to do what's "right" in their perception. But that might not always what you're passionate about and you get confused. It's at least good to know in which direction you wanna go and keep on reading up on the topics you're interested in and develop your own passion and focus on it. Don't let anyone rush you, you know yourself best when the time has come, because God chooses it for you. 

The book I'm currently reading is very inspiring and motivates and encourages me to fulfil my dreams. You know, it's one of those book when you finish reading it, you just wanna get up and get started right now on whatever you're thinking about. Lala Anthony is speaking about career and success and maybe you can benefit from her experience and advices. 
Keep your head up and follow your dreams!

Love, Drea


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