Friday, 26 February 2016

Heaven Skincare

My highlight this week was being part of the LFW Bloggers Hangout Event and I had the best time! I met so many like-minded people and very talented bloggers as well. The location was a bit smaller than expected but it was very crowded and the room was filled with good energy, passion and inspiration! 
The very first stand I went to when I arrived was Deborah Mitchell's Heaven Skincare. Lauren was really friendly and welcoming and explained all the details about the products. Their skincare is based on a range of anti-ageing, all-natural skincare containing organic ingredients as Deborah Mitchell is a beauty therapist who created her own all-natural organic products along other beauty treatments. The products have been developed for a radiant to help heal skin conditions, from blemishes to eczema. To make it short: Everything organic sounds good to me since I have very sensitive combination skin that adapts to the weather. 
I have only started using the products on Monday but in all honesty, I can already see changes on my skin. It looks much clearer and is softer and seem to control oil breakouts, which I have quite often. The hydrogel contains my two favourite ingredients in skin products: Organic Lavender and Organic Coconut. It also contains Organic Peppermint, which I found very interesting at first but it is cooling on the skin and it balances oily and dry skin. The gel is a toner and also cleans, primes and hydrates, meaning it makes the skin smooth, shine free and keeps the pores closed. I use it after washing my face with a cleanser and apply it with a cotton wool. My skin feels very soft and refreshed after using it but I have to say I'm not a big fan of the peppermint, nonetheless, it's a great product! 

Lauren gave me another product to try at home after I've told her that my skin is very sensitive, adapts to the weather and about my pigmentation. The SOS Oil Serum is based on all organic Grape seeds, Sunflower and Olive Oil and contains Organic Carrot Oil, Organic Calendula Absolute. I feel like this is the product I have been missing all along. I'm usually more the basic type and use coconut oil before I go to sleep or my Sephora anti-aging night cream. I mix it with my night cream and use only one or two drops. My skin feels very clean and hydrated in the morning and it seem to help fading my pigmentation and blemishes. (I used Bi Oil before, which was very good as well) The oil contains Vitamin A, B, E and beta Carotene, which treats acne, repairs damaged skin cells, hydrates and protects your skin form ageing. The best thing is, that you can use this oil even with shampoo for dry hair ends and add it to your hand cream. I can really recommend this product!

As I was speaking to Lauren, I saw someone getting her eyebrows tinted and obviously I was immediately interested since these days it's all about the eyebrow game. My eyebrows are never ON FLEEK though, lol. I had never tried it before but heard a lot of good things about it and I just recently read a blog where it was recommended. I am very satisfied with the result and don't even have to be too bothered to leave the house without doing my eyebrows since there's already colour on it. I can recommend this to anyone who already has a nice eyebrow shape, then you really don't have to do anything anymore. I've only had it for some days now but the colour is supposed to last up to 4 weeks. 
Here's a little video on how it was done. 

I hope you liked my review and I'll be posting very soon again!

Love, Drea


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