Friday, 12 February 2016

Valentine's Day - Last Minute Gifts!


It's already Valentine's Day is all about love and being all mushy on the 14th of February! You get flowers, chocolates, a teddy and probably go on a date with you significant other or that hot new guy who asked you out ;) You can't buy love but you can at least buy the things you like for the people you love... or let someone buy them for you, lol. Giving hints is not a bad thing and everyone rather receives something they really want instead of something they'll never use.
I am currently obsessed with rose gold, just right for Valentine's, so there are definitely some things on my list ;)
I've picked some things you might wanna put on your wish list or you wanna give to a friend because on Vday everyone deserves a little LOVE! <3

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, Drea
Kylie Lipkit - Real Techniques Brush - NYX Lingerie Lipstick
MK Ring - MK Watch - Swarovski Stud

MJ iPhone Case - Kate Spade Pens - Kate Spade Calendar - Kate Spade Bracelet  

Adidas Original - iPhone Case - Suitcase collection - BeatsbyDre


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