Saturday, 6 February 2016


Ok, I admit...! I'm obsessed with grey, lol... as you guys have probably noticed looking on my Instagram. Grey is not only for the grey days, it's a colour that makes me feel comfortable and cozy and is just so easy to style. I usually style grey with in rather sporty outfit, but this time I was just mixing my favourite grey pieces of clothes together. Grey on black, grey on white, grey on red, grey on nude colours but in this case it's simply grey on grey. Travelling to Dublin last weekend had me not being able to just walk by Zara.. Of course not! I had to go in and found this beautiful light grey waterfall wool coat. I just had to buy it..! Because I don't have enough coats, right, lol. To stay in the same colour palate I chose this ribbed lace-up body, which has a comfy material but is also very daring and sexy. Using another shade of grey, I chose this dark grey rouched jersey skirt. There are so many jersey skirts in my wardrobe, I can't even count no more. I love wearing skirts and jersey skirts are just comfortable and practical in every way. You can never go wrong with them. But they can also be very tricky. They show all you flaws and what is better to do against it than wearing spandex? Nothing really. It makes you look flawless and you can comfortably leave the house. 

Love, Drea

Grey Wool Coat: Zara 
Lace-Up Bodysuit: Missguided 
Jersey Skirt: Boohoo
Heels: Dune London
Bag: Ted Baker


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