Thursday, 5 May 2016

Heaven On Your Skin...

If you haven't tried Heaven products yet, then you should go for it! Deborah Mitchell has spoilt us with the Weekend-Kit for our #BloggersNightIn and there was a little something of everything you need for a weekend away. I have tried some Heaven products before and I really liked the Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel Toner and the SOS Oil Serum (Read about it here) I must say, the SOS Oil Serum is life! I've been using it for quite a whole now every evening, I mix 2-3 drops with my anti-ageing moisturiser from Sephora and it leaves my skin soft, hydrated and it helps to blemish the pigmentation on my right cheek. I haven't really noticed a difference when using the toner until I tried to leave my original products behind, meaning that you get the best results out of their products when only using Heaven products.
The Weekenders Skincare Kit contains a cleanser, hydrogel toner, moisturiser and a Bee Venom product. When ordering it, you can choose between your types of skin so it'll be adapted to each person. The Age Defiance Cream is my favourite product in the kit and is a good moisturiser, especially under make up - it helps to reduce your skin look dry. What I like about it, is that it contains Tea Tree Oil, which helps to restore the skin balance and reduces scars or breakouts. I'm a fan of everything that contains Tea Tree Oil as it has proven to work well for me.

Disclaimer: What works well for you, might not work for you. I have combination skin and big pores and my T-zone is very oily.
Hope this helped!

Love, Drea


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