Thursday, 21 July 2016

Dusty Pink Pleats

When you guys thought I'm over with pleats - oh you were wrong, LOL. Still an obsession and will probably be throughout fall and winter. So be ready! 
Sending you some love from Dubai at this point! It is blazing hot during the summer time in the UAE, that's why I chose to go for a flow mdi dress for our trip to Abu Dhabi. The weather is very humid and 43 degrees will basically ruin your outfit as soon as you step out. Clothes will stick to your body and I don't even want to speak about makeup, there's no need to put any on, lol. Nonetheless, I love me some heat! It's hot but I'm loving it compared to the typical London weather, it just needs some time to adapt to it. 
Anyways, let's take a moment and appreciate this gorgeous colour though, dusty pink with a bit of shiny glam. It's very girly but as y'all know, I have a thing for girly clothes. I got this dress in my obsession for pleats thinking I need more and more of them, I'm literally obsessed, lol. Don't judge me please! Anyways, this dress made me feel very comfortable as it wasn't too tight and it is easy to move around in it. The shiny pleats reflected beautifully in the sun and the belt detail was perfectly flattering for my curvy figure. This dress is probably meant to be a party dress as it's shiny and classy and well to wear to an occasion as it can be dressed up with heels and a clutch for like a nice dinner or even to a bar but I thought, hey, why not just wearing it during the day as a cute summer dress and dress it down with some sandals! A cute cross-body bag would've been great, too, but my suitcase was already overweight, haha! I didn't feel overdressed at all and I was really feeling the colour. Sometimes you can just break the rules and do whatever you feel like instead of listening to what certain things are meant to be or look like. It's all about how you feel comfortable in and what you like. People will have an opinion either way so might as well just do you, boo boo!

Love, Drea

Outfit details:

Dress by Topshop
Sandals by Asos (similar here)


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