Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Farfetch Blogger Yoga & Breakfast Event - The Shard

I'm a little late but I have to tell you guys about the other weeks' Bloggers event! 
I'm definitely one of those people who love to do Yoga but actually never have the "time" to do it, lol. It is nice and relaxing but it's hard for me to just switch of my brain off and enjoy it... I need to work on that though. When I get my workouts in, it's mostly my boxing class, a spin class or interval training on the treadmill, but Yoga is usually not my list. I was really able to relax though and I felt very good afterwards. 

Anyways, I couldn't let the opportunity pass to have a Yoga session on the 72nd floor (!!!) of The Shard by an awesome from Yogasphere. The view was incredible and it's definitely something I can recommend! I've been there before about a year ago but a yoga session up there is clearly on another level. When I was invited by Farfetch to the Yoga session followed by an amazing breakfast at the Shangri-La Hotel/Restaurant, I was over the moon. This was definitely my highlight of the year in terms of Blogger events and this was just my type of networking event!  

The Farfetch team introduced the new trends for the next season to us and discussed future collaborations, while enjoying the delicious healthy breakfast. We were gifted a personalised gift bag, which was put together with love and thought. Farfetch has become one of my favourite brands in a short time as the brand values match with my idea of an ideal brand and I love how versatile the brand works. 

I have to confess, I'm not the biggest extrovert honestly I get shy and quiet on networking events and I'm always pushing myself to step outside my comfort zone. I'm trying my best but sometimes it just doesn't go the way I want. This networking event was quite intimate though as we were sitting on round tables (which helped a lot)  and I had the pleasure to sit with Patricia Bright and Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe - this made my day! Unfortunately I couldn't stay too long but it was good to exchange ideas with other fellow bloggers and especially the more experienced ones. Networking is a big part of my role as a blogger and I'm trying to attend as many events as possible to step out of my comfort zone.

How do you guys get along on networking events? Leave me a comment about your experience! 

Love, Drea



  1. Nice blog!! I am also a workout-nut. Have been going to yoga classes as to stay healthy. All my class friends had a small breakfast party at one of event venue. It was really awesome all of us enjoyed the delicious food. Planning to have such parties once a month.

    1. Sounds amazing! Let me know and I'll be happy to come! x


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