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Soooo finally I got some spare time to write about trip to Dubai. Ok, it's only been 10 day that I'm back in London, lol. 
When I was in Dubai I've had so many thoughts about what I wanna write in the blogpost, but I have't even written down notes so I hope I will remember them all now. I was extremely excited for this trip as I was going with my boyfriend, so obviously I was counting down the days like a child until Christmas, lol. Last time I went to Dubai, which was last year December, I only went for a few days but the weather was just perfect then. This time it was crazy hot and I didn't even realise that it'll be that hot until I arrived there. One step out the hotel and you basically can turn around and go shower again, lol. But I noticed at this time of the year people don't leave the house too much during the day. They start they days late and end them late as well, even with their kids, but it's understandable as this is heat was barely tolerable. One of the first days we decided to take a walk to Dubai Mall as our hotel wasn't far from there and we noticed that almost no one was on the street and it's really not pedestrian friendly because everyone takes the car or the taxi there. For someone like me living in London it's not quite understandable but I guess that's how they do it there. This was the first and only time we went for a walk, haha. 

We stayed at the Novotel World Trade Centre. It's a nice 4 Star Hotel for a reasonable price, as I think. They have amazing room service btw and I was eating waffles for 10 days straight every morning without getting sick of them, LOL! When I told people that I'm going to Dubai, they immediately asked at which hotel I'm gonna be staying and probably expected me to say the Atlantis or Kempinski, lol. Nah! I guess when you're more than well off, it won't hurt you to stay at these hotels and spend a fortune but I think a 4 star hotel is more than fine and you can spend your money on activities and nice dinners. 

Speaking of activities, my favourite one was the waterpark at the Atlantis hotel. Everyone who visits Dubai should go there! I haven't had that much fun in a while and it was just like we're kids again, lol. This waterpark has the craziest slides and there's one slide, where I literally thought I'll have to die. It was the scariest slide I've ever been on as it was so steep and you don't even expect that when you stand there waiting in the queue. There was a girl in front of me screaming like crazy and I was just like "Oh she's just exaggerating!" But I guess I was wrong... I myself screamed like a little baby! Haha! When I arrived down in the pool, I was literally in shock laughing out loud, which was a little embarrassing as there was only a lifeguard and no one else - but I guess he has seen worse, lol. We didn't take any pictures as we were too busy having fun but I can only recommend it! It's number one on the "must visit" list. 

What I love about Dubai is the architecture! There's not a single building that looks like another one. It is so diverse and creative built, it's amazing! I especially noticed that everything is so detailed - and I love details! Everywhere you go, you notice that they're trying to keep up the highest standard, if it's buildings, cars, streets or service, it's on point. 

We went all the way up to the 148th floor at the Burj Khalifa and the view was breathtaking. It is already an amazing experience only being in the elevator on the way up there. It's just exciting and everyone is so keen to get out the elevator. When we arrived, we were offered drinks and little fancy pastries and the interior design was elegant and tasteful. Every little detail was on point. When you're up there it doesn't feel like you're actually that high at first but when you look down and try to see cars and people, you'll be shocked. It's an amazing experience and can be very romantic if you go with your partner. 

Obviously we had to spend a day at the beach even though it was unbearable. I basically forced my boyfriend to go with me and we were sitting there melting like ice cream. Even the water was so warm, that it didn't refresh you, lol. I didn't even last 1 1/2 hours. That's the reason why I have basically no tan because most of the time was spent inside the mall, restaurant or hotel. Next time I know better, haha. The JBR Beach at Dubai Marina is very nice though. There were not too many people and it was nice and clean. They even have changing rooms and showers. 
At his point I would like to tell you guys, what I didn't like about Dubai because when I was at the beach on my way to the changing rooms in my maxi dress, I saw a little family of 3 people, mother, father and son, looking at me like I was a prostitute who was basically walking around naked. And I was fully covered. At the beginning I only thought it was men who have a staring problem there, but it's also women, most likely locals. In my head I was always like "Have they never seen a woman before? Do they want a picture with?" Maybe it's not their culture or religion to walk around in normal clothes but in my opinion Dubai is mainly built for tourists and foreigners, so people need to act like that as well, not only lay it out like that. I respect their culture but it's not like I was walking around half naked. Nonetheless people are very friendly and always try to help out.

On one of hour last days, I planned a trip to Abu Dhabi to visit one of my friends from back in Uni who lives there now. It's not even that far, the bus took like 1 1/2 hours one way and is quite cheap. Abu Dhabi is very nice, much smaller and quieter. And I didn't see anyone starring, lol. 
There was not much time, so we had lunch together and then visited the Emirates Palace, where I had a Cappuccino with real gold leaves on it! Lol.. Now I at least know that gold tastes like nothing. Some things are just not meant to be eaten, I guess. Oh well, it's something you can do once in your life. The decoration inside was stunning and everything was golden. Building this hotel must've cost a fortune. I was pretty amazed by the bathroom as well. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it, but you'll see for yourself when you visit. 

Obviously we had to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This is actually what everyone'y going to Abu Dhabi for and it was just as impressive and beautiful as I pictured it, if not even more. When you enter, you just feel the vibe, it's so peaceful and calm. It was only opened in 2007 and was built in the Mughal/Moorish architecture. This is actually number 2 on my "must visit list". It's something you should just experience and I promise you won't regret it for the single reason that the mosque is just beautifully built.

At this point I will finish this post. I really tried to keep it short guys! Dubai and also Abu Dhabi are both definitely worth a trip but I recommend winter time because of the heat.
I hope you got some important info from it and you'll enjoy as much as I did if you ever go there.

Love, Drea


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