Tuesday, 7 June 2016


A couple weeks back I co-hosted the bloggers sleepover party and we had a blast!!! We were 9 ladies coming together for the sole purpose to HAVE FUN! It is great how a passion for something can join like-minded people together. We had loads of fun, wine, pizza, Krispy Kreme Donuts and great discussions about all the typical girls' topics like relationships, beauty, our favourite Youtubers, LAHH (Love and Hip Hop) and we had a good laugh playing "Never have I ever"! Perfect game to get to know each other.. on all levels, haha!
We spent the night at this beautiful home in London Kensington/Chelsea with a large living room and enough space so everyone was able to sleep comfortably in a bed. The interior was just my type of a town house, cute and comfortable! I wish I could just move in there, sigh! Anyways, not everyone met before, so it was great to have a chat with new people and get to know them. 

We all received some amazing goodie bags with products and I couldn't be more excited to get to try them all. I will write a lot of reviews in the next time, so stay tuned! My goodie bag included a pack of Proper Popcorn in my favourite flavour sweet coconut & vanilla, if you're a coconut lover - this is a must, Berrywhite sponsored us with loads of drinks - loving the pomegranate & blueberry flavour, the Popkakery provided us with some delicious popcakes and brownies and finally Aduna sent us some Baobab to try. If you know me, then you know I'm always a fan of trying out new healthy stuff and I didn't know Baobab before but it is a natural & organic african superfruit, which supports immune function, energy release and skin health. I'm a new fan now and since it supports your health, give it a try! I like it best when putting it in my breakfast on top of greek yogurt with some blueberries. 

As you might have noticed, we definitely had enough food there, lol. Timeless Truth kindly sent us facial sheet beauty masks, which are amazing! My skin felt soft and moisturised after using it. If you have dry or combination skin, I can really recommend it. 
My absolute favourite product was the Pink Parcel, which you'll see on one of my next review-blogpost, so I won't spoil it for you guys now.
Shoutout to all the lovely ladies that attended the #BloggersNightIn!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts, Lovelies!

Love, Drea


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