Tuesday, 7 June 2016


As you all can see, grey\silvery clothes has me feeling all sparkly, lol. This is part 3 of the "how to wear pleat"-series, so I would like to explain to you why it's ok to wear sneakers with pleated skirts or skirts in general. Who even said you can't wear sneakers with skirts? This really is old news! They're comfy and look stylish and can turn every chic outfit into a casual/chic outfit. Important is, that the sneakers are not too sporty looking and match colours of the outfit. Pleated skirts are easy to dress up and down and in this case I just thought I would go for the casual look. I've ordered this skirt thinking it was just plain grey and when it arrived I noticed, that it has little sparkles in it. At first I didn't really like that because I just expected something else, but I got quickly used to it and started loving the skirt. Sparkles are not that bad after all! I paired the skirt with a cropped mesh jumper to keep up the casual. In my opinion the highlight of the outfit is not the skirt as it was meant to be, non, I think it's the cute backpack!!! Obviously in silver again to match the outfit... This silver thing got me like a fever, lol. Anyways, if you decide to wear a pleated skirt with sneakers and all over on the casual line, try stay in the colour scheme as the pleats are already an eye-catcher and also make sure that the top is not too wide fitted as it can possibly make you look bigger than you really are. But if you don't mind, also try a wide-fit knitted jumper.
I hope this helped!

Love, Drea



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