Wednesday, 15 June 2016

3 Ways to Wear a Shirt!

The weather forecast for our little weekend trip wasn't as good as we were hoping so packing the suitcase was much more difficult. It had to be comfy and warm and I really wanted to take my latest purchase with me - the batik shirt. Seeing this shirt took me way back to the 90's, where I remember wearing batik dresses as a child. So it kinda took me back to my childhood and I really wanted to get it. The tradition of making batik is originated in many different countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Philippines and also Nigeria, even though the most popular batik is made in Indonesia, to be specific in the island of Java. Batik prints back then were much more colourful and over the many years it has developed in many different types. I chose a more decent type of batik print but will see what's next as I'm always up for some colour! 
I packed the shirt with pants and the dress for the second day. But do you know the feeling when you wake up in the morning and just don't feel like wearing pants? Yes, that's how I felt! So I kinda had to make it happen to still be able to wear my new shirt, lol. I ended up just knotting it up on top of the dress and it matched! To really celebrate the 90's on that day, I put on my biker leather jacket and the silver sneakers. Made me feel like back in the days, lol! 
I have to admit, I'm not a shirt type of person, at all! I do like them and I think mostly they look good on other people, lol. But when I decided to get it, I was happy about it because it actually did look good. And honestly, there are so many different way of wearing a shirt and not only the usual button-up way. I like playing around with my clothes and I'm sharing 3 of my ideas with you guys now.
Here are 3 ways how you can wear a shirt:
Leave some buttons open on the top and knot it up to your waist!

Wear it off shoulder! (Knotted up or down)

Wear it down and open as a substitute for a jacket!

I don't have a picture of when I'm just wearing it down but I'm sure you guys can picture what I mean by that. I hope this helped and now it's time to go get yourself a shirt!

Happy Shopping!

Love, Drea

Outfit details:

Batik Shirt: Zara (shop here)
Biker Jacket: Zara (shop here)
Dress: Mango (shop here)
Sneakers: Reebok (shop here)


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